Why Toe Shoes? The Benefits of Toe Separation for Barefoot Feel and Shoe Functionality

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But are Toe Shoes Perfect? It's necessary to dial in the lacing of a pair of huaraches in order to prevent the sole from sliding laterally or front to back. Well, when you get super granularly analytical about it, my awesome moccasins suffer from a critical lack of functionality that seems intrinsic to their single-toe-boxed design.

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And no, I'm not talking about ballet shoes and certainly not "steel toe shoes," but the latest iteration of footwear, complete with articulated toe pockets. If they want to flex upward, that, too, must be considered.

Moccasins, huaraches, and other new-fangled 5-in-1 toe box shoes work well Better and better as more producers design foot friendly shoes! Finally, there is the heel problem — how do you keep that heel up on the foot? Feet Sense Their Place in Space Beyond just experiencing the ground directly, our feet have an awareness of where they are with respect to the rest of the body and big m casino promo codes objects.

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And if you're looking for a minimalist sandal that is foot friendly, grab a tire and some string and roll your own. Creating a shoe that allows for the full dynamic functionality of a bare foot would be an incredible feat of engineering. Though that isn't everything Hold this thought.

Somewhere down the line things start to fall apart.

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I'm skeptical any shoe as yet in existence or theoretical could provide for the full functionality of the bare foot. If this wasn't true, the human race would have likely gone extinct a long time ago. These are great "barefoot shoes" so long as you don't mind the aesthetic of a moccasin. And what's the primary purpose of a shoe but to support the function of the foot and the movement of the human body?

I'm not arguing that toe shoes are the end all be all of minimalist footwear. To the extent that toe shoes aren't flexible and compromise ground feel, they begin to lose that which makes them great shoes in the first place: Thus, the huaraches sole provides an ounce of protection where it's most desired while leaving the foot almost entirely bare everywhere else, free both to breath in the air and flex, twist, and bend.

They mean that the shoe hits the ground in advance of the foot thanks to the "dangling" sole. The New Balance Minimus Trails use a similar approach with a stretchy rubberband-like material immediately before the roomy toe box.

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Can a shoe be designed that simultaneously improves on the default state of the bare foot while still letting it function naturally? Ideally you'd have custom length pockets set to your feet. Moccasins aren't the only ancient, low-tech options.

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So over three thousand words later, that's my very complicated answer to a very simple question: It does this thousands upon thousands of times a day each time bearing our brute weight multiple times over. In fact, toe shoes with overly stiff soles start feeling a bit like a custom foot cast and that's no good.

Why Toe Shoes? The Benefits of Toe Separation for Barefoot Feel and Shoe Functionality

Since "toe shoes" are to "barefoot shoes" like a square is a rectangle, let's take a step back and talk about the bigger picture. Just remember why we're even bothering with shoes in the first place: In short, as 5-in-1 solutions go, both moccasins and other shoes and huaraches go a long way towards foot functionality, but tend to fall short when it comes to having soles that reflect the dynamic nature of the foot.

Mocs work extraordinarily well as protective coverings for the feet that still allow the foot to function naturally. Below are a few criteria I find important, but I trust if I'm omitting some core concept someone will chime in.

I'm a Googler by day and minimalist footwear aficionado by night; you can find me 'round Atlanta. The bottom line is that we are born barefoot, that Nikes and all modern footwear having elevated heels, cushioned soles, etc.

First off, if you glue a rubber sole onto your foot, there are some important additional considerations: The Merrell Barefoots are snug around midfoot and have a sole that curves up around the arch.

They're meant to be worn barefoot. Beyond low-tech, old-school solutions Again, solutions that have scarcely been improved upon over the ages and go a long, long way to being the "best" barefoot shoes for the moneythere are modern "foot friendly" options to consider, too — like Vivo Barefoots or the newly introduced Merrell Barefoots or NB Minimus shoes. Is it possible for a shoe to both protect the foot without muting feedback from the ground?

For feet to function naturally they must feel the ground! Shoes that allow for feet to flex dynamically with each step and sense the ground — they are the exception. Proprioception is what makes it seem easy to perform delicate procedures quickly and without conscious effort.

Shoes that have slots for your toes forward to today and you can get some truly retro-yet-updated Soft Star, fabric-soled, sheepskin lined Moccasins ; or for a slightly less-soft experience the RunAmocswhich feature a Vibram rubber sole.

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The sole lifts in concert as toes dorsiflex see the photo above The shoe ends just past the end of the toes. Here's what I mean: Generally, most shoes use some binding mechanism straps, laces, elastic over the simplest, least dynamic section of the foot the middle to "tie on" the soles.

Once you see this problem, you start noticing how other "barefoot shoes" have tried to solve it. The defining characteristic of these types of shoes is that they fundamentally get out of the way of the foot's natural or innate functions.

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As you walk around barefoot you'll find yourself stepping more gingerly; you'll adjust your gait without even paying much attention to it. Or they ram our toes into narrowing boxes. I say minimizes because it takes some work to curl toes down or up in these most basic Vibrams.

Your feet will feel the rough texture of the cement and the dustiness of the dirt. I'll also go ahead and disclaim my bias: My only complaint with the huaraches approach is that when my foot dorisflexes toes point skywardthe extra inch and a half sole past the strap doesn't go anywhere, and depending on the rigidity of the rubber used in the huaraches, can sometimes snag on the ground, rolling under my foot.

Allow the foot to move naturally — if the arch of the foot wants to flex like a bow as it bears your weight, then a shoe should let it.

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While that's a good question; it presumes that shoes shouldn't have toes. How do you maintain the springy energy caught via the elastic design of the arch or the rubber band-like tendons?

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Just how varies from barefoot shoe to barefoot shoe, but generally the problems can be exemplified by focusing on the two basic aforementioned solutions: The reality is that we live in a time when shoes are more about form than function; style rather than purpose. It's instant, natural, and sorta awesome. A bare foot is susceptible to being rubbed raw if friction isn't minimized.