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I think everyone should seriously consider hosting a Lego Club at the library. The Control Lab was designed for schools and educational use and was as a result not available to the mass market.

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Do you have questions about how we run Lego Club at my library? Lego Mindstorms NXT 2. As we near the end of our free building time, I encourage kids to write the names of their creations on blank notecards, as well as their names. However, the following includes the most common ones: The software is capable of detecting different lightings, motion, and colors.

The brick shares many, especially software, features with the RCX but differs in appearance and technical specifications: The Control Lab superseded the old 4.

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Lego Club is a solid investment in programming and intellectual engagement. The sensors shipped with it are color-coded and have internal resistors in their open state allowing the Pbrick to sense which sensor is attached to which port.

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Once you get your supplies and get into a rhythm, it's a program that requires minimal prep and practically runs itself. Active sensors had blue connectors and Passive sensors had yellow connectors. The control panel connected to a computer using a serial-port with a specially designed adapter cable and a supplied computer-program allowed the user to conditionally program the outputs.

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The control lab was a datalogger, which featured four passive input ports, four active input ports, eight controllable 9V output ports, and one continuous output port. Sound off in the comments!

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What I do claim: It also contains a microphone to record sound for videos. The Scout can store one program. It talks the same protocol as the RCX but cannot communicate directly to it due to IR vs RF but with a repeater a computer with 2 serial ports and a simple program they can communicate indirectly.

Lego Spybotics Spybotics is a robotics package. In order to program the Scout, a user must enable "power mode" on it.