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Aston leather 10 slot pen case. Leather Bag Pen | Compare Prices at Nextag

These were the best low cost cases I could find. I know I'll be ordering another one soon. Thank you so much! Finally, a place I can put my pens without scratching them.

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The dreadnaught may become my daily note-writing and signature pen it will definitely be in the rotation. Please give all accolades to the Mrs. Best to you both, thanks again!

More recently, she's become a practitioner of Jikiden Reiki. Pen rolls arrived today They are extremely well made and soft and will protect my pens from daily bumps.

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If the elastic loops were adjustable for different sizes of pens the Aston cases would be perfect. I love it as much as my other two in the same pattern! Take care of yourself and both you and your wife B Blessed. It has to be one of the best values for its price. It is surprisingly well balanced uncapped being a large pen and is a great writer.

I am also tempted to order a Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6 for carrying my pens when my 2 pen case just isn't enough but the 20 pen Aston is too much. They arrived fine and already are in use and I am very, very pleased with vacature holland casino den haag. I chose Aston over them to avoid any risk of chromium tanned leather tarnishing or discolouring my pens.

Again, Loving the Dragons.

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The Jinhao Dreadnaught with the Monteverde stub nib is simply amazing. There's also a website http: The pen roll [Tracery Vines] is absolutely lovely. The note with the wax seal is a lovely touch. Her pen roll is the best combination of design and craftsmanship I have seen.

I suspect it's the same person as both seem to be based in Cambridge Ontario Canada. I have as a result of getting them from you twice, purchased and use my own wax seal with red or burgundy wax.

The Aston cases certainly aren't the most affordable - but they are very nicely made.

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And thank you for the little note And I would also like to say that I'm amazed at how fast they arrived! Thanks again for your fantastic service and selection of products.

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I have one seal that is a butterfly, one that is an African woman and one that is the Ankh symbol. My compliments to Lai Yee. Please give my thanks to Lai Yee. Now, she's making them available to all. The pictures don't do it justice.

The quality of that Baoer is unbelievable. Thank you for the speedy shipping. It's large enough to hold the pens I use a lot, and yet it's small enough to fit into my briefcase. I think their black leather cases look rather plain, but I really like the dark brown cognac leather with contrasting black velvet lining. When I carry pens in my '52 Chevy 5-window attached I think you can tell which pouch I'll use!

It is truly a work of art. The pen rolls are lovely- excellent design- they are going to be so helpful. Just to let you know that the pen roll has arrived. As these are handmade items, please understand that if inventory is low, it may take a couple of days to fill your order "Very nice fabrics indeed.

Your customer service is second to none! They have individual elastic loops for each pen so the pens won't rub against one another and they are among the very few which two rows of elastic so each pen is held top and bottom the cases Bruce lists have these features, but I assume they're made from the less expensive chromium tanned leather.

I also keep your wax sealed messages. Please tell your wife that I am one of her biggest and most proud admirer of her and her work.

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As you know, I am a huge fan. They have a single elastic loop for each pen which is why I bought the Aston instead ; however, their elastic loops are adjustable. The four pen roll will be my daily pen case. Posted 21 February - harga giok black jack aceh Looking for her next project after creating her seasonal wardrobe, Lai Yee tried her hand at creating various-sized pen rolls for transporting pens to the pen shows that His Nibs attends.

Thanks so much for the service. Lai Yee -- better known to some as Teresa Haase -- or 'Her Nibs' -- is also a full-time teacher, a student of Shu Fa Chinese brush calligraphy, since age five and a life-long seamstress and knitter.

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The pouch, really nice. The pen rolls are great. Thanks to your instructions on initial clean, the Bamboo is writing beautifully from the get-go. A quality piece that 2 "51"s found a home in.

Thank you so much for the service and I hope to shop again soon!