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I never expected, you know," said Florida Eash, talking outside the casino where she hit the big jackpot. Then again, past performance is not an indicator of future results. Nobody likes disappointments; everyone likes a nice surprise!

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My God, that's a big thing. Because of the volume of mail I receive, I regret that I can't reply to every question. I hope there is NO ONE who will ever take a serious gander as to buying a book that tells you how to "beat the slots. In other words, if we can gather data on the number of slot players in a given year in a city or casino and determine the number of major winners, then we can correlate that to a number, like 1 in 12, Million dollar slot how to count blackjack strategy winner loses in court February 18, at 9: If 500 dollar slot machine jackpot always expect the worst, you'll almost always be pleasantly surprised.

No guarantees, no strategies except for money managementnothing but expectations. That makes it possible for us to figure the odds of hitting the big prize in, say, New Jersey's Cash 5, which I hope to hit one day, at 1: As I've said many times, the results on a slot machine are as random as a computer algorithm can be, and there's no way to predict future results.

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Just as suddenly as her dream came true, the bubble burst. Suddenly, the top jackpot lines up. Now try and imagine your disappointment when you're told by the casino, "there's been a mistake. Now, 500 dollar slot machine jackpot don't think I've ever said that the odds are better on higher denomination machines.

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It may be fair to say that 1 out of 1, players 12, is far too large hit a major jackpot last year, but I wouldn't say that any particular player's chances of hitting a major win are 1 out of taichung casino, because there are so many other variables.

See attendants for pay," she said.

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In the short run, though, anything can happen. And they admitted they're the ones that set it up by mistake. That ruling was upheld by the Mississippi supreme court last week. If you always expect the best, you will almost always be disappointed.

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But the happiness over that ruling soon disappeared when the issue was taken to court. So, it's back and forth like emotions. That's what we're dealing with here. I think I've been very careful to say that long-term payback tends to increase with denomination.

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In other words, we're playing slot machines, sports fans. And I thank you to God, to the Lord.

It has been a series of emotional ups and downs for Florida Eash. No decision has been made yet.

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It's emotionally draining too," said the winner's daughter, Celeste Eash. Do not get your hopes up, just like anything else in life, and you won't be disappointed. I've bought many books claiming to reveal the secret to winning at the slots and none of them revealed anything — though in many cases, they were fun to read.

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If you played a few hundred thousand or so spins on a penny machine and on a dollar machine, and kept track of the total amount you bet and the total amount the machine paid you no matter how small, the payback percentage on the dollar machine should be larger than that on the penny machine. You have to pay for it if you make a mistake," said Eash.

Then you go to the other side and it's they've appealed it. Ask the Slot Expert: In regards to the guy who wrote the longest letter in your history November 19, about your not being an expert, I can only say, I think we're dealing with a disgruntled player.

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At the slots, the chances of hitting a major win differ by machine. Since her court battle is now over, she's going public with her story, which she shared first with Steve Phillips. I remember playing a Crystal Sevens machine, even though it had driven me crazy for a year.

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I thought Ben Franklin said this, but the only close usage I was able to find was in an article in Flying magazine: I talked with Florida Eash's attorney, Paul Newton. I've been playing for 43 years, in casinos across the country, studied this and that, etc.

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In the lottery, every number in a number draw game is equally likely to be drawn. He told me she has just two options for further legal appeal: Some players, in addition, may not bet enough to have any winning combination pay a major amount.

I moved next to it and a customer sat down and I thought, "Sucker!

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There's a big difference between the two situations. I'm no expert, but I can make some claims: They are IGT's slot machines.

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