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Now the slot machines in fresno ca will work. I suspect I was playing DDB but cannot recall what the pay table was. About to hammer in the part. Don't forget to include a picture!

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But finally saw it clearly. Also, I've had to call more attendants over to fix a "tilt" then I care to remember; video jobs are way more maintenance-friendly.

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Unfortunately, when found most people don't know enough not to put them there and have no idea what they are looking at. This though is completely a personal choice and not a collectable value.

Mechanism is then greased, lubed balanced and tuned to play as smoothly as day one.

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The two bolts are tightened and the reels consistently spin and pay! This picture shows arrows to the two bolts I loosened and the part sticking out too far that I will hammer in. It seems to me there is a much simpler way to get the same result.

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Any other machines please contact us for an estimate. Don't let your aging relatives discard one of these. The cotter pin holding the bottom broke off.

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Then the reserve hopper lever should be placed within the "V" of the fork shaped tongue lever. I think we could collaborate on getting this onerous situation fixed. Below though you can find a basic outline for restorations. A bad paytable means that you might have to feed the machine more frequently than if it had a better paytable.

However, the casino visits do provide some entertainment and, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. It is an undeniable fact that a properly restored, again, I say properly restored antique slot machine or trade stimulator adds great charm, a fun atmosphere and a feeling that nothing else can to the room in which it is displayed and increases the collectable value of the machine!

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Some of the services and changes your slot machine endiures while it is with us: A good restoration will only increase the appeal and value of any antique coin operated machine, whether in original condition or not.

If you like the patina and fading paint that only time can duplicate then you may decide to leave your machine in it's current condition.

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Regarding a recent question about slot paybacks on cruise ships and your statement that generally the video poker slot machine replacement parts have worse pay tables than land-based casinos, I can attest that it is true. Musical Puck or Venus, Dewey, Derby, etc. All the cast iron mechanism parts are then coated with rust preventative and reassembled.

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Yes, lack of replacement parts is another reason an old machine will disappear from a slot floor. Full Overhaul and Restoration on most wooden tabletop or countertop trade stimulators like the one above, the perfections, fairest wheels or any tabletop wooden dice machine: Because trade stimulators are so varried in style, make up, complexity, etc.

Here is the spring back in the game with a brand new thicker, more powerful cotter pin thank goodness it fit through the hole. Then the mechanism needs to be carefully positioned above the glass and placed onto the glass with the reserve hopper lever in the forked tongue shaped level.

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If it's working or not, we'll restore it to it's original glory! I have contacted a few congresspersons about the effect of the new tax law and the increased standard deduction. About the Slot Machine Restoration Process Antique Slot machines and Trade stimulators fall into the same category as antique classic automobiles.

Spinning reels on a video monitor last as long as the monitor works, but stepper motors in a reel-spinning slot may have to be replaced periodically. Disassembling the wood cabinet, straitening any warped pieces, gluing any broken pieced and filling any gouges or holes.

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When you play on a cruise, a few hours a day for a few days, randomness has a much greater effect on your results than the paytable. About 20 years ago there were some "experts" on The Good Times Radio Show who thought that cashless slots would never catch on. Please use our contact form to send us your request for an estimate and please don't forget to attach a picture of your machine to the form!

I do not miss the old "coin-only" machines and handi-wipes! Any Mills, Watling or Jennings mechanical slot machine should fit into this pricing scheme. The reserve hopper needs to be slightly lifted out of the jackpot like a pendulum and the fork shaped tongue lowered into the slot.

I put experts in quotes because these guys mainly played table games and only played slots enough to be able to write an article or a book about them.