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Derby - Lincoln School Old Derby High School - basement banco casino praha the building believed that a staff worker used to work bethel woods casino died in the school. The third floor was very quiet.

Then she killed her husband and herself or he killed her and himself.

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In recent years, a child died from injuries received from a near drowning it the lake, a worker was killed underneath a rotor ride, and another was decapitated by a roller coaster. The school is now and many believe it to be haunted by a priest who preached there but died, and he left a million dollars for bethel woods casino to stay open.

Norfolk - Botelle Elementary School - reports of hearing doors slam when they are the only ones on the floor.

This particular cave is the most popular. Some say she was killed there on her wedding day, hence, the "white lady" title. The word "intrinsic" has been written on many objects in the building, most notably the wood doors.

Mary's Cemetery - Reported to seeing a lady in a long, white gown wandering around the graveyard and is looking for her long lost husband who went away to WW1 and never came home. And you hear doctors talking. West Hartford - Norfeldt School - A ghost is heard and seen playing the piano there.

Reports include human voices, animal sounds, children's' laughter, sightings of a baby reclining in the branches of a tree, and orbs of light. Since that time, every building on the land has experience hauntings at one time or another. If you record with a tape recorder, and play it back you hear little girls crying and telling you bethel woods casino leave.

Sightings of a 17 foot tall black flash have been seen, about 2 feet above ground, crossing the road in front of car headlights, and then chasing the car, in addition to everything already said. Branford - Branford Slupy Pound - as you walk into the woods you can hear gun shoots and screaming coming from behind you, you can also hear some one running and gasping for air but when you turn around to see where its coming from the noises disappear.

New London - Eugene O'Neill's childhood home - The great American play write based his classic "Long Days Journey into Night", after this childhood home in which he shared with his family. A devastating and lethal fire, still to which cause remains unknown, ended whatever building projects scheduled for the Island, and no one has built upon it since. Bethel - Bethel High School - There have been sightings of apparitions on the second floor and in the basement.

Along the beach and the outside of the bunkers ghostly figures of soldiers have also been seen. Wallingford - Tilcon of ct. It was first donated to the town of Farmington by a man by the name of Thomas Barnes back in The Legend has it that one man who was drunk drove his truck into the woods and died.

Newtown - Fairfield Hills Hospital - Fairfield Hills is a former mental institution that is not vacant. As well as images of angry cows looking for the rest of their once full body. The serial killer of the 's - left a body of the young girl he had killed behind this church. People who have gone up there say they have seen strange apparitions.

This mysterious vagabond would endlessly walk a mile loop between the Connecticut and Hudson rivers. Employees have also spoken of mysterious happenings in the library, such as lights turning on and off, doors closing on their own and other incidents. It takes two or three people to pull it down. She is known for making mirrors become never ending Some swear they have seen faint figures in reflections in the banquet hall mirrors, and swear they feel someone tapping them on the shoulder only to turn around and see nothing.

Her real name was Nancy but everyone called her Naps because they were so frightened of her, especially the local kids. Since then the spirit of Mrs.

Frank Jankowski once a bar tender was cleaning up late one night and heard some one moving chairs in the bingo room. New London - St. In some areas you may feel the presence of someone or something touching you.

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Also two motorcyclists have also crashed in these woods and one man and one woman have been seen scurrying around the area. Reports of feelings of being watched. Update - The Carriage house has since been torn down. In the middle of this there lies a flat rock. For instance, two girls went in there to use the bathroom when suddenly they heard banging on the door and on the wall behind them.

Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Next to the village petit casino 69004 is the ruins of an old stone house with iron bars on the window It is said that when it closed down a family moved in to the house, strange happening started occurring.

Built into the side of a rock is a "thrown" a life sized chair of sorts with several symbols around it- the legend is that if you sit on it you will die in 7 years- this is only legend though. Orbs can be seen all around and inside. However, when the RA's went up there to tell them that it was 2AM and they were trying to sleep, they found that they TOO were sleeping and not bethel woods casino furniture at all.

There have been sightings of orbs and you could see orbs in pictures that they took in the gym of the kids. Inmates and staff speculate they are the ghosts of children whom have died in the facility.

Long Lane later became co-ed and was closed in after a new all male facility was built close to the original and renamed CT Juvenile Training Center. This place has been nicknamed the insane asylum by the locals. Moodus - Moodus Lake - It is said that at night, the sounds of a piano being played can be heard coming from the bottom of the lake.

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Formerly listed as 3 separate listings, Maude's Grave can be approached far more easily from the Sterling end of Hell Hallow Road, and is actually on that side, not Voluntown. Coventry - South Street - Hale Homestead - Locals have long reported ghostly activity in and around the house. Such as doors closing and things moving by themselves. As if she was in punishment. Storrs - University of CT - Eddy dorm rm Alumni Quad - Inability to breath in dorm room, cold breezes when window was closed and hands squeezing shoulder.

The ghost of a little girl named Maude has been appearing for years on Hell Hollow Road near her gravesite. The small brick house has one main room and inside has odd-looking gages and dials in metal cases. Prior to demolition, there was an automotive machine shop.

When riding in a car and her name is uttered by her gravesite, the car is supposed to either stall or crash. It is now out of business because of hauntings occurring in the station. One day, there were two people at the theater and bethel woods casino were away from the lever and all of a sudden the lights went out.

Al the short guy was cleaning up in the bingo room and saw 2 eyes but no body following him around. Plus, you could hear the floor creaking.

Danbury - Western Connecticut State University - Fairfield Hall - 3rd floor haunted by soul of young girl who had committed suicide in the tower on the top of the hall. If you bethel woods casino in, you better be careful, you might not come out.

Orbs can be seen in photographs. There were no other known ghostly happenings since this incident. Ernie made no attempt to move or find another job. Bethel - Johnson Elementary School - There has been blood on the mirrors in the gym bathrooms.

He said that when he first moved in, a woman used to begin singing every night at 10 PM. The truck is still in the woods not being moved next to the bike jumps. Bethel woods casino usually appears in the summer time.

Tolland - the Benton Homestead - Several entities have been seen, including-Jemima Barrows, betrothed to one of the Benton boys who died from smallpox, wandering the halls in her wedding dress, weeping or just her weeping. Past innkeeper experienced activity. Shortness of breath is often reported, and power outages are frequent.

Incorrect info passed on about the Smallpox, it is haunted though.