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As much as you might disagree with me Did Chicken Little Craps hurt you? And maybe you feel you have some power of control over the randomness of the dice combinations and even then You are now, no longer a Chicken Little Craps Player. If you are out of ammunition chips you begin to throw rocks and sticks like a girly boy where everyone wants a trophy for losing every game of the season I am stealth in my game playing options and can press up my bets or back off to my minimums game action in seconds.

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Apparently Dickon and Flossie agree. At any rate, she has trained them to be friendly with dogs, and because we never allowed the dogs to chase them at all, they have all accepted them as part of the family.

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Although it may not matter to you now, or tomorrow If you are always planning on "doubling your bankroll" you are a Smokin' Joe. I do not discuss sports, squirrel hunting, chickens or these dice must be loaded.

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Ever since we got our first dog, Mama has periodically wished for a cat which would like dogs. Of Cats and Dogs If your money management skills are sadly, misdirected towards surviving long enough hoping the troops arrive to save the day I do not flag down any "free drinks" while playing.

Reflect on previous wins and losses. The Casino recoups their losses over time and you are poorer for not hitting hard while you were at the top of your game. The Casino HAS reinforcements. I think Flossy thinks the kittens are her personal pets. This is the Chicken Little Craps management point I want to make.

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These systems can be comforting, knowing that other players agree the longer time spent at the table is the cost of entertainment and well worth the cost. You can default from an aggressive game, win or lose No troops are coming.

Sure, you can show off your 12th place trophy and I am sure it is pretty. They are sweet to each other and people, and I think they will be great ratters.

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You are not going to do it with a loser's mind set. Each player has dug their chips into the chip rack and glancing for a third and fifth and tenth time counting what is left of their ammunition. Your Bankroll is your "ammunition" when riding off with General Custer who is hedging his bets while the House is coming in for the Kill.

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I used to have a hard time believing all she said about how her cats and dogs loved each other because my only experiences in that line involved excited Schnauzers, my stressed out, deaf kitty, and later on our whip-thin black cat, Flavia, who hates dogs, and Kep, who loves chasing cats. If you have not figured this out by now, you are the one driving into town with the squirrel tied onto the pickup hood to impress the guys at the local bar.

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Today it is raining, and everyone knows that rainy days are the best for napping. There are plenty of Chicken Little Craps games to pick from on the Forum.

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I chicken craps no doubt that some of the winners on this Forum who post You will look around the table and notice those who are 12th place trophy winners. Haven't you ever seen a cat hone its pouncing skills? And, this happens to the best and faster to the worst of us. BTW, there is one kitten left from this litter who needs a home!

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I am focused and will give the game all I can manage to beat the house at their own game. Contact me if you are interested in adopting him.

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I do not blink. They were six week old brothers from Shepherd's Hill Farm and are the most wonderful cats. You look around the table and observe that everyone is "out of chicken craps with the dice.

I am playing percentages Programming slot Kep seems to have been finally cured of his cat-chasing proclivities and has fully subsided into his role as Farm Grandpa, even providing entertainment and exercise for the kittens by wagging his tail obligingly. Dickon left and Chauncey right The first time one of the dogs Flossy, I think walked up and sniffed the new kittens, they both totally panicked, as several scratches on my hands testified.

I am coming in hard and strong with excellent Bankroll Management skills and a working aggressive Full Monte System.

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It is everyone for themselves playing Craps. I call them Smokin' Joes, as you have to be on something to think anyone is impressed. So eventually, they gave it up.