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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorderdue to an addiction e. I had a very similar case whilst working in Adult Services as a Social Worker.

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The service user had a hacking cough. I will add one caveat… BUT Social Work will NOT, can NOT change for the better whilst people who ask questions, who seek to make improvements, who raise debates — people who are whistleblowers, or pioneers of different practices — are like myself bullied, harassed and picked-on to the point where they leave their jobs or are pushed out.

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He clearly understood the situation he chose to live in. This is because some employers like my previous are failing to provide it; others are not undertaking it correctly.

The service user was emaciated and very frail, and my regular visits showed that the service user rarely changed clothes I got the impression they may even be sleeping in the same clothes.

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The service-user was referred to me because the Social Housing where they lived were serving an eviction notice. To do so would involve deception, collusion, lies or other duplicitous practices.

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As to the issue raised by Chrissie — of case studies. There is often a level of denial and they do refute help.

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Why do I need it now? Ellie November 24, at 2: Some struggle with housework because they struggle with motivation, others because they are routine-obsessed and this gets in the way. If it is evident that a person CAN make informed choices, and chooses clearly to self neglect, then perhaps the safest approach is to back off, but to agree that assistance will be offered again at a later set date to give the service user time to weigh options.

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They, too, could well struggle. IF, as it would appear, they cannot do this effectively then it is little wonder that the Social Work professions are now in the state that they find themselves in.

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Social Work should be about marrying ones understanding of social, psychological, developmental, cultural… of various human dimensions and processes… and of using this understanding to work with people. In my experience, not all except that they are living in squalor. At any given time, each and every one of us may have capacity, or may lack it.

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Everyone needs to want to work together for the individual. It became possible to work with the service user towards change. I was the first Social Worker to get the case, and by the time it geheime casino tricks me it was already absolute chaos.

I am eternally glad of this, because it tuned out the service user had Pneumonia and required medication that could not be bought over the counter. I cannot describe just how much hard work cases like this can be. Each and every one of us may be affected to differing degrees by such matters.

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I also managed to secure meals on wheels, so the service user no longer had to cook in the dirty kitchen, or cook meals in a dangerous manner. They are not quick-fix cases — anything but. Miles Taylor November 28, at Based on the above scenario, if I were to ask whether Jackie has full mental capacity in respect of spending and finances, then does she?

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Given the above, ought we not all to pause for thought? Perhaps with some service users you maybe have to reinforce what you have said to them, to make it really clear that they understand?

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The smell on opening the front door was terrible so I could understand why the Housing Officers said neighbours had complained. I firmly believe that the role of the Social Worker in cases such as these is to, first and foremost, weight the likelihood that the person chooses to self-neglect.