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The dice and candle table center below looks fabulous, and would be quick and easy to throw together. Use actual playing cards or play money made with a copy machine to make garlands to drape in windows and on walls.

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Casino nights can be a lot of fun to attend and to host, and if you keep things simple you will ace this themed party. Pile dice made from painted cardboard boxes or attach red and black balloon bouquets on either side casino decorations pinterest the door. Cover the vase with paper also decorated with card suits.

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For a centerpiece, use a large round cake decorated to look like a roulette wheel, a large casino bouquet with "flowers" of card suits -- clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts -- glued to wooden dowels, or a large bouquet with red and black balloons.

To give your guests a break from the casino games a photobooth with a sparkly backdrop would be a fun addition. Friendly betting adds a layer of interest to the night.

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Dice and card props are easy to come across. The Games Blackjack, poker, craps, slots, and roulette are the most popular casino games. Think red and black Around the Room Use all the casino accessories you can think of to scatter throughout the party room. On the Walls Cardboard or heavy stock construction paper work well for making posters of playing cards; if you're artistically challenged, make posters with large paintings of just the card suits.

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A themed invitation sets the mood for things to come. The Food In keeping with the Vegas theme, an all-you-can-eat buffet would fit in well, and is easily achieved if everyone brings a plate. Serve small, round appetizers that resemble poker chips, with toppings sitting on cucumber slices or round crackers, and place shrimp in fancy glassware accompanied by red cocktail sauce.

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Oriental Trading Company has tableware, favors, and slot attendant test in a casino theme. Frost brownies or cookies as dice for dessert, with either white frosting and black dots or green and red frosting and white dots. The Buffet Table Set the buffet table with a green felt tablecloth and strew playing cards, homemade dice and poker chips on it; use either foam fabric or heavy stock paper with drawings to make poker chips.

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To get things rolling pun intended! Download casino invitation templates casino decorations pinterest.

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Cut green, felt fabric to cover the surfaces of your coffee table and end tables, and scatter playing cards here and there on the tables for your guests to use as coasters. This entry was posted in Party and tagged casino party.

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The Outcome You can make the night as friendly or competitive as you like, and have the games last the entire night, or just run them for a portion of the night. Food as Decor Some food and drinks lend themselves to a casino color theme. Play for bragging rights, or organize prizes or a trophy.

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Use large sheets of cardboard or butcher paper to paint slot machines, and line one entire wall to create the colorful and crowded casino setting. Provide props bolton casino new years eve allow people to dress up as a royal flush. Choose one or two to play at your party.

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If you want to encourage mingling offer a break from the games, such as a buffet table.