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It was that good looking boy's number. At first Amanda didn't think too much about it but as time went on she could feel Chris' fingers going ever lower. Amanda was very satisfied with her vacation so far. He was a bit surprised that he still had on all his clothes but his pants were around his ankles.

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Frustrated Amanda went back to the hotel and flipped through the channels on the television. Besides so far no harm was done and her husband wasn't even in the room. However, it wasn't before she began to feel a tingle between her legs.

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Before she could react he continued rubbing the lotion into her skin. Quickly Ryan's scheming brain kicked in and he began to realize that if he could get Chris to get his mom all worked up maybe that would work to his advantage.

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After a while Amanda walked into the bathroom to do a quick touch up on her hair and makeup. No one seemed to be paying them any attention.

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Chris was so horny he almost couldn't control himself. Chris sat up so fast he got dizzy headed. Amanda was getting really turned on.

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With his eyes closed Chris at first cracked craps it was a free norse warrior slot machine but after a few seconds he cracked open his eyes slightly. He gently rubbed the lotion into Amanda's shoulders and began to work his way down her back. He was grinning widely and from the size of the stack of chips in front of him Ryan could tell why.

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I guess I could use one myself. Amanda slipped off her dress and searched through her luggage for a swimsuit.

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He didn't even glance in her direction. After a quick lunch and a magic show the group was making their way back to the hotel when they passed a casino that was hosting a weeklong poker tournament.


I just hope she doesn't blow me off. A warm fuzzy feeling enveloped her body and Amanda wondered if the young man was still by the pool. She decided to be very sweet in turning him down. Amanda was surprised by her husband's sudden lack of interest in her.

Amanda was almost asleep she was so comfortable.

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Back at the hotel Chris was soaking up some rays when a blackjack online sa prevodom covered him.

A few minutes turned into a couple of hours and Amanda and her son were cracked craps bored. Before she could say anything to ruin the mood Chris decided to spring the question. They chatted and tried to decide what to do for the day. Like a giddy schoolgirl Amanda skipped over to the window.

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Ryan noticed the twinkle in his dad's eyes and began to see that this might just be what he needed to keep his dad busy. Over at the bar Ryan noticed that Chris wasn't rubbing lotion onto his mother anymore. It was one of her most sensitive spots.

Throughout the day they passed lots of casinos and gaudily decorated establishments, just the usual Vegas attractions. Glancing over the top of her sunglasses she surveyed the scene.

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